The Faculty of Fisheires was established as one of the first four faculties of Kasetsart University on 2 February 1943 by the Kasetsart University Act of 1943. The Faculty of Fisheries offered a five -year Bachelor's degree program and a three-year  associate program. In 1952, the Faculty of Fisheries was organized into three disciplines: Aquaculture , Fisheies and Fishery Products. In 1963, the University altered the length of all baccaluareate programs from five to four years and the Faculty of Fisherieswas reorganized into four disciplines: Fishery Biology, Fisheires (renamed to Fishery Maangement later), Fishery Products and Aquaculture and upgraded to full departments atferwards. In 1968, The Department of Marine Science was established and added in as the fifth department.

The buildings and facilities of the Faculty of Fisheries are located in both Bangkhen and Kamphaengsaen campuses as well as outside the campuses. Most of the Faculty's facilities are located in the Bangkhen campus in Bangkok. The main Faculty building (Boon Indrambarya Building), Bangkhen campus, was completed in 2005 and currently houses the offices of the Dean and Secretariat, the Departments of Fishery Biology and Fishery Products, Computer Center, Office of the Academic Supporting Division, and the Faculty of Fisheries Library. The other buildings in the same campus consist of the Departments of Marine Science, Fishery Management and Aquaculture, the KU Museum of Fisheries (Natural History), Fish Feed Technology Development Center, Research and Technology Transfer Center for Ornamental Fish and Aquatic Plants, The Faculty also has wet laboratories, hatcheries and ek;larthen ponds as the supporting facilities located in both campuses. The Faculty has four research stations strategically located in the provinces, namely Sriracha Fisheries Research Station, Chonburi Province; Klongwan Fisheries Research Station, Prachuap Khirikhan Province; Samutsongkhram Fisheries Research Station, Samutsongkhram Province; and Kamphaengsaen Fisheries Research Station located in Kamphaengsaen Campus, Nakhon Pathom Province.