44(3): September-December 2020


1) Transformative Adaptations to Climate Change: Cases from the Jamuna River Fishing Communities of Bangladesh

Md. Monirul Islam, Farah Islam, Mosammat Salma Akter, Goutam Kumar Kundu, Aparna Barman and Makidul Islam Khan


2) Reproductive Biology of the African Lungfish Protopterus annectens annectens (Owen, 1839) in the Mono River Basin of Benin, West Africa

Djiman Lederoun, Pierre Vandewalle and Philippe Adédjobi Lalèyè


3) Effects of Inorganic Media Enriched with Sodium Acetate on the Growth Performance and Nutrient Content in The Microalga Chlorella vulgaris

A N M Azizul Islam Khan, Md. Ahsan Bin Habib and Md. Idris Miah


4) Positive Genetic Correlation between Resistance to Aeromonasis and Streptococcosis in Nile Tilapia Oreochromis niloticus (Linnaeus, 1758)

Sila Sukhavachana, Kongphop Ampolsak and Supawadee Poompuang


5) Marine Tourism Predicament in Andaman Sea from Declining Biotic and Water Quality

Pasinee Worachananant, Suchai Worachananant and Rodney William Carter


6) Photosynthetic Response of Filamentous Green Algae (Oedogonium) to Irradiance and Temperature Variations

Surichay Rattanasaensri, Narongrit Muangmai, Jantana Praiboon and Anong Chirapart

44 (2): May-August 2020


1) Phylogeography of Three Commercially Important Seahorses (Genus Hippocampus) in Thai Waters: An Implication from Collective Sequence Data

Thadsin Panithanarak


2) Nutritional Properties of Fish Meal Produced from Fresh By-Products of Sardina pilchardus

Hicham Mih and Abdellah Lacherai


3) A Study on the Synergistic Effect of Bioactive Compounds from Papaya Leaf and Collagen Isolated from Indian Mackerel on in vitro Wound Closure Capacity

Nagappa Bailore Niveditha, Balladka Kunhanna Sarojini and Akhila Hosur Shrungeswara


4) Isolation, Identification and Preliminary Characterization of Candidate Probiotic Bacteria from the Intestine of Domesticated Goldfish (Carassius auratus)

Sing Tung Pang, Julian Ransangan and Kishio Hatai


5) Microplastics Reduce the Growth of Exposed Marine Invertebrates: A Meta-Analysis

Sarina Mae Bien Arciga and Victor Salcedo Soliman


6) Influence of Seasonal Variation and Anthropogenic Stress on Blood Cockle (Tegillarca granosa) Production Potential

Chayarat Srisunont, Yokrudee Nobpakhun, Chontara Yamalee and Treeranut Srisunont

44 (1) : January-April 2020
  1) Effects of Environmental Factors and Plant Hormones on Sexual Reproduction of Agarophyte Seaweed, Gracilaria fisheri (Rhodophyceae) 
Parichat Sangtong, Rapeeporn Ruangchuay, Chokchai Lueangthuwapranit and Willberto Monotilla
  2) Morphological and Histological Study on the Development of the Digestive System of Siamese Spiny Eel, Macrognathus siamensis (Günther, 1861) Larvae 
Theerachi Pongjanyakul, Nitikorn Piwpong, Kanjana Payooha, Praneet Ngamsnae, Thanatip Leamkom and Jarungjit Grudpan
  3) Potential of Green Seaweed Ulva rigida in Thailand for Healthy Snacks 
Jidapa Thunyawanichnondh, Napat Suebsiri, Sirintra Leartamonchaikul, Witsuta Pimolsri, Weerachet Jittanit and Suvimol Charoensiddhi
  4) Effect of Cultured Artemia on Growth and Survival of Juvenile Hippocampus barbouri 
Len Yung Wung, Annie Christianus, Muta Harah Zakaria, Chong Chou Min and Suchai Worachananant
  5) The Relationship between Coastal Erosion and Chlorophyll a Abundance along the Western Coast of the Gulf of Thailand 
Khanitta Buakaew, Charumas Meksumpun and Shettapong Meksumpun
  6) Effects of Dietary Supplementation with Broccoli Sprouts (Brassica oleracea) on the Hematology and Immunological Responses of Nile Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) 
Duangjai Pisuttharachai, Warrapong Nalinanon and Nontawith Areechon
 43 (3) : September-December 2019
  1) Potential Fucoxanthin Production from a Marine Diatom 
Worathep Supramaetakorn , Shettapong Meksumpun, Kazuhiko Ichimi, William Catli Medrano, Nissara Thawonsode, Oning Veschasit
  2) Pattern of Algal Succession in the Tropical Subtidal Coral Reef Community at Koh Taen, Mu Ko Thale Tai National Park, the Gulf of Thailand. 
Jatdilok Titioatchasai, Anchana Prathep, Jaruwan mayakun
  3) Induced Breeding of Glass Catfish, Kryptopterus vitreolus (Ng and Kottelat, 2013)
waranyu Khunjaroenrak, Pattreeya Ponza, Supat Ponza
  3) Induced Breeding of Glass Catfish, Kryptopterus vitreolus (Ng and Kottelat, 2013)
waranyu Khunjaroenrak, Pattreeya Ponza, Supat Ponza
  4) Effect of Different Feed Loading on Sediment Accumulation Rate and Carbon Burial Rate in the Polyculture System of Nile Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) and Pacific White Shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei)
Sawika Kunlapapuk, Idsariya Wudtisin, Ruangvit Yoonpundh and Soranut Sirisuay
  5) A Preliminary Estimate of Age and Growth of Two Populations of Dasyatid Stingray Urogymnus polylepis in Thailand
Pisit Phomikong, Suwimon Seehirunwong, Tuantong Jutagate
  6) Concentration of Heavy Metals in Sediment of Two Interconnecting Brackish/Freshwater Lagoons and the Bioaccumulation in the Crustacean, Farfantepenaeus notialis (Pérez-Farfante, 1967)
Rasheed Olatunji Moruf, Victoria Folakemi Akinjogunla
          43 (2) : May-August 2019
  1) Assessment of Tilapia Cage Farming Practices in Relation to the Occurrence of Fish Mortalities along the Fish Cage Belt at Magat Reservoir, Philippines 
Francis Nuestro Baleta1 , Jonathan Mallillin Bolanos1*, William Catli Medrano2
  2) Toxicity Effects of Copper and Zinc on the Photosynthetic Efficiency and Oxidative Stress-Related Parameters of the Green Alga Chlorella vulgaris Beijerinck 
Phruetthiphong Phetchuay1 , Saranya Peerakietkhajorn1, Saowapa Duangpan2and Pimchanok Buapet1,3*
  3) An Enigmatic Caulerpa macrodisca Decaisne (Chlorophyta) from the Mangrove Channels on the Andaman Sea Coast of Thailand 
Kattika Pattarach, Jaruwan Mayakun, Stefano G.A. Draisma
  4) Reproductive Biology, Trophodynamics and Stock Structure of Ribbonfish (Trichiurus lepturus Linnaeus, 1758) in Tropical Marine Waters of the Bight of Benin 
Oluwaseun Christianah Ojelade , Isaac Tunde Omoniyi, Waidi Oyebanjo AbdulFestus Idowu AdeosunAdekunle Adedoyin Idowu, and Ikililu Abdulraheem
  5) Oxygen Consumption Rates of Hybrid Red Tilapia at Different Sizes during Challenge to Water Velocity 
Jesada Is-haak1,2 , Methee Kaewnern3, Ruangvit Yoonpundh1and Wara Taparhudee1*
  6) Correlation between Growth, Phenolic Content and Antioxidant Activity in the Edible Seaweed, Caulerpa lentillifera in Open Pond Culture System 
Bongkot Wichachucherd1* , Suchada Pannak1, Chuenmanee Saengthong1Eknarin Rodcharoen 2 and Intira Koodkaew3
          43 (1) : January-April 2019
  1) Effect of Exposure to Sub-Lethal Potassium Cyanide on Growth Rate, Survival Rate, and Histopathology in Juvenile Heteroclarias (Heterobranchus longifilis x Clarias gariepinus) 
Donald Chukwudi Aniche1* , Femi Victor Oluwale1, Bright Ogechi Ogbolu3
  2) Distribution and Detection of Megalocytivirus in Ornamental Fishes in Thailand  
Puttharat Baoprasertkul1* , Nudthapol Kaenchan
  3) Energy Transfer in Bang-tabun Bay from the Primary Producers to Primary Consumers 
Monissa Srisomwong1 , Shettapong Meksumpun1,2*, Tada Kuninao3and Charumas Meksumpun4
  4) Fish Species around Fish Aggregating Devices and Other Floating Objects Used for Tuna Purse Seine Fishing in the Eastern Indian Ocean 
Watcharapong Chumchuen1 * , Prasit Luesrithawornsin2, Aekkarat Wongkeaw2
  5) Reducing Fertilization rate and Nitrogen Input have no Effect on Nile Tilapia Production in Periphyton-Based Culture with Supplemental Feeding 
Wirat Jiwyam* , Ratchaneegorn Mapanao and Nudtha Nithikulworawong
  6) Effect of Physicochemical Parameters and Phytoplankton Composition on Growth Performance of Green Mussel (Perna viridis) in Ambong Bay and Marudu Bay, Sabah, Malaysia 
Ong Fang Sing and Julian Ransangan*
          42 (3) : September-December 2018
  1) Status of Trash Fish from Bottom Trawl Fishery and Utilization in Myeik Township, Tanintharyi Region, Myanmar 
Arkar Myo1,2* , Thanitha Darabanandana1, Anukorn Boutson1 and Methee Kaewnern1
  2) Patterns of Elemental Concentrations and Heavy Metal Accumulations in Edible Seaweed, Gracilaria fisheri (Xia and Abbott) Abbott, Zhang and Xia (Gracilariales, Rhodophyta) Cultivatted in Southern Thailand 
Phi Thi Nguyen1 , Rapeeporn Ruangchuay1,2 and Chokchai Lueangthuwapranit1,2
  3) Efficacy of Adjuvanted Streptococcus agalactiae Vaccine by Montanide ISA 763 A VG in Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus Linn.) 
Supawan Tepparin1 , Sasimanas Unajak2, Ikuo Hirono3 Hidehiro Kondo3 and Nontawith Areechon1,*
  4) Stakeholder Perception of Coral Reef Management Policy Implementation Along the Eastern Coast of Thailand 
Sarawut Siriwong1,*and James D Trues2
  5) Changes of Chlorophyll a in an Intertidal Bangtaboon Estuary in Relation to Tidal Driven Salinity and Nutrients 
khanitta Buakaewo1, , Charumas Meksumpun2,*, Shettapong Meksumpun3 Chakhrit Ruengsorn3, Patrawut Thaipichitburapa4 and Pichasit Sangmek5
  6) Genetic Diversity of Symbiodiniaceae Associated with Porites lutea and Pocillopora damicornis in the Gulf of Thailand Inferred from Nucleotide Sequences of Internal Transcribed Spacer-2 
Anchalee Chankong1,2,*, Narinratana Kongjandte1 , Wansuk Senanan and Vipoosit Manthachitra1
          42 (2) : May – August 2018
  1) New Records of Four Parasitic Copepods (Crustacea, Siphonostomatoida) from Andaman and Nicobar Waters, India 
Nashad M., Sijo P. Varghese, Swapnil Shivadas Shirke, Pratyush Das
  2) Effects of Genetics and Rearing Environments on Morphometric Variation in Hatchery Stocks of Asian Sea Bass, Lates calcarifer (Bloch, 1790) 
Suthajaree Yenmak1,2 , and Supawadee Poompuang*
  3) The Relationship Between Land Use and Water Quality in Bangpakong Estuary, Thailand 
Somsak Bundao1,* , Narong Veeravaitaya1, Methee Kaewnern2 and Suchart Ingthamjitr3
  4) The Effect of Substituting Fish Meal with Fermented Soybean Meal on the Growth Performance and Immune Parameters of Pacific White Shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) 
Siriroj Wangsoontorn1 , Niti Chuchird1*, Idsariya Wudtisin2 and Allen Crook3
  5) The Effect of Stocking Density on Growth Parameters of All-Male Nile Tilapia Fry Nursed in Hapas 
Wirat Jiwyam*and Ratchaneegorn Mapanao
  6) Photosynthetic Response of Gracilaria fisheri (Xia & Abbott) Abbott, Zhang & Xia to Irradiance, Temperature and Salinity Variation 
Sunisa Kheauthong, Jantana Praiboon, Anong Chirapart*
          42 (1) : January – April 2018
  1) Morphology and anatomy of corallimorpharian Metarhodactis aff. boninensis from Thailand 
Sahabhop Dokkaew1 , Chatcharee Kaewsuralikhit2,3 , Yasuaki Takagi4 and Wara Taparhudee1,*
  2) Effects of N6-(2-Isopentenyl) Adenine (2iP) on the Growth of Tropical Seagrass Enhalus acoroides after Germination 
Pattama Tongkok1,2 , Prasart Kermanee1, and Chatcharee Kaewsuralikhit2,3*
  3) The Effect of Different Feed Types on the Growth Rate and Biochemical Composition of the Marine Ciliate, Euplotes sp. 
Woraporn Tarangkoon1,* , Nopparat Mahae2 and Suwat Tanyaros1
  4) Economic and Marketing Capability Improvement for Small Scale Aquaculture Farmers through Community Organizations 
Kulapa Kuldilok1*, Ruangrai Tokrisna1 and Kulapa Boonchowong2,
  5) Effects of physical barriers on genetic variation of populations of stone lapping minnow, Garra cambodgiensis (Tirant, 1884), in Wa River, Nan Province, Thailand 
Chaowalee Jaisuk1,2* and Wansuk Senanan1
  6) The role of middle persons as a distribution channel for small-scale marine capture fishery products: case study in Rayong province, Thailand 
Rattana Tiaye1,*, Miyata Tsutom2 , Mina Hori3, Sumitra Ruangsivakul1, Jariya Sornkliang1 and Thanyalak Suasi1
          41 (3) : September – December 2017
  1) Chemical and Mineral Compositions of Sargassum spp. from Bo Mao Beach, Chumphon Province, Thailand 
Monsuang Yangthong
  2) Fecundity of the crab, Potamon mesopotamicum Brandis, Storch & Turkay, 1998 from the Mesopotamian Marshlands, Iraq 
Malik H.Ali*and Tariq H.Y. Al-Maliky
  3) Effects of Replacing Squid Oil with Dietary Vegetable Oils on Growth, Fatty Acid Composition and Expression Levels of Fatty Acyl Delta6 Desaturase mRNAs in Black Ear Catfish, Pangasius larnaudii 
Thanathip Lamkom1 *, Kanokwan Sarnsamak1, Kanjana Payooha1 and Sirawut Klinbunga2
  4) Effects of Maternal Age on Reproductive Performance and Growth of Nile Tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus (L.) Fry 
Suchart Ingthamjitr*, Natthaphong Paankhao, Suwinai Paankhao and Kittipong Promsri
  5) Effect of Giant Bladder Kelp (Macrocystis pyrifera) Feed Additive on Growth, Survival and Immune Responses of Pacific White Shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) Injected with Vibrio parahaemolyticus  
Kanokwan Cherdkeattipol1, Arunothai Keetanon1, Niti Chuchird1,*, Idsariya Wudtisin2 , Maximiliano López Frisbie3 and Albert G.J. Tacon4
  6) Domoic Acid Contamination in Fish from Sriracha Bay, Chonburi Province, Thailand 
Oning Veschasit1, Shettapong Meksumpun1,2,3*and Thaithaworn Lirdwitayaprasit4
Jaroensutasinee, M., Jaroensutasinee, K., Tina, F.W., Chumkiew, S., Koad, P., Kuhapong, U. 2016. Coral restoration and growth performance at Samui Island, Southern Thailand. Kasetsart University Fisheries Research Bulletin, 40 (3): 10-18.
          41 (2) : May – August 2017
  1) Growth Performance, Genetic Diversity and Morphometric Traits of an Introduced Wild and Hatchery Population of Clarias macrocephalus Güther, 1864 
Delfina A. Muiocha1 , Saowalak Onming2 and Uthairat Na-Nakorn2* 
  2) Identification and characterization of potential probiotic Bacillus spp. for application in striped catfish (Pangasianodon hypophthalmus |LS|Sauvage, 1878|RS|) 
Ho Thi Truong Thy1,2,Nguyen Huu Thinh1, Nguyen Nhu Tri1,Ong Moc Quy1, Komtip Kannika3, Sasimamas Unajak:4 and Nontawith Areechon 2* 
  3) Small-scale Squid Large Cast-Net Fisheries during Waxing and Waning Moon Phases in the Klongwan Coastal Area, Prachuap Khiri Khan Province, Thailand 
Wasana Arkronrat 1*, Anukom Boutson2 and Suriyan Tunkijjanukij3 
  4) Socio-Economics and Cage Culture Practices of Red Tilapia (Tab Tim) at the Taasarn-Bangpla Canal, Nakhon Pathom Province, Thailand 
Suchart Ingthamjitr*, Natthaphong Paankhao, Waleerat Lueangtongkham and Kamonchanok Ooparik.tatipong 
          41 (1) : January – April 2017
  1) Identification and Expression of Vitellogenin Gene in Polychaetes (Perinereis sp.)  
Khwanta Phoonsamran1, Sataporn Direkbusarakom1, Piyapong Chotipuntu1, Ikuo Hirono2, Sasimanas Unajak3, Pijug Summpunn and Suwit Wuthisuthimethavee1* 
  2) Influence of Diet on the Ingestion Rate of the Harpacticoid Copepod Euterpina acutifrons (Dana,1847)  
Woraporn Tarangkoon1, Suwat Tanyaros1 and Pimjai Uttama2 
  3) Occurrence of Lymphoid Organ Spheroid Cells in Domesticated Pacific White Shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) Broodstock in Thailand  
Natthinee Munkongwongsiri1, Niti Chuchird1, Wara Tepahudee2, Montagan Somboon1 and Pajaree Jueliang1
  4) Study on Gonadosomatic Index of Thai Native Apple Snail (Pila ampullacea Linneaus,1758) in the Rice Fields of Srimuang-mai District, Ubon Ratchathani and Effect of Diet on the Growth of Juveniles  
Thanathip Lamkom* and Dechnarong Phosri
  5) The Impact of Fish Cage Culture on Water Quality of Taasarn-Bangpla Canal, Nakhon Pathom Province, Thailand 
Suchart Ingthamjitr*, Natthapong Paankhao, Waleerat Lueangtongkham and Kamonchanok Oopariktatipong
          40 (3) : September – December 2016
  1) Body Size, Burrow Ownership and Handedness Affecting Fighting Success of the Fiddler Crab, Uca annulipes (H. Milne Edwards, 1837)  
Fahmida Wazed Tina* Tina, Onprang Sutthakiet, Mullica Jaroensutasinee, and Krisanadej Jaroensutasinee 
  2) Coral Restoration and Growth Performance at Samui Island, Southern Thailand  
Mullica Jaroensutasinee*, Krisanadej Jaroensutasinee, Fahmida Wazed Tina, Sirilak Chumkiew, Peeravit Koad, and Uthai Kuhapong 
  3) Diversity of Coral Reef Fishes at Racha Yai Island, Thailand  
Premrudee Noonsang*, Fahmida Wazed Tina, Mullica Jaroensutasinee, Krisanadej Jaroensutasinee, Sirilak Chumkiew, and Uthai Kuhapong 
  4) Effects of Stocking Density, Hiding Mater Material and Photoperiod Manipulation on Growth and Survival Rate of Marble Goby (Oxyeleotris marmorata Bleeker, 1852) Juveniles  
Kriengkrai Seetapan1 , Narongsak Puanglarp2,3, and Oraporn Meunpol1* 
  5) Effects of the 2013 Rayong Oil Spill on Genetic Diversity of a Coral-Boring Bivalve, Arca sp. (Family Arcidae) at Koh Samet, Rayong Province  
Wansuk Senanan* and Narinratana Kongjandtre 
  6) Effects of the 2013 Rayong Oil Spill on Gonadal Maturation of Reef Corals 
Narinratana Kongjandtre* and Wansuk Senanan 
  7) Estimation of Chlorophyll-a Concentration from VIIRS Ocean Color Data in Cambodia 
Wirote Laongmanee1*, Pontipa Luadnakrob2 and Sukchai Arnupapboon2 
  8) Growth, Production, Feed Conversion Ratio, Water Quality and Nutrient Budget of Hybrid Catfish (Clarias macrocephalus x C. gariepinus) Cultivation in Earthen Ponds Without Water Exchange 
Grin Swangdacharuk and Yont Musig* 
  9) Monitoring the Impact of Tropical Cyclone on Coral Reef Community and Its Recovery Using Landscape Mosaic Technique at Racha Yai Island, Phuket  
Sirilak Chumkiew*, Mullica Jaroensutasinee and Krisanadej Jaroensutasinee 
  10) Optimization of Culture Process Conditions for Chitinase Production by a Soil Isolate Streptomyces shandonggensis CTI105 Using Response Surface Methodology  
Phattharawadee Aedtem1,2, Yaowapha Waiprib1,2*, Anan Tongta3, Pongtep Wilaipun1,2, Nontawith Areechon2,4, Masashi Maita5 
  11) Response Surface Methodology Study on Optimization of Fish Tofu as affected by Dietary Fiber Powder from Pomelo (Citrus grandis (L.) Osbeck) Albedo and Tapioca Starch  
Sutasinee Chintong* and Suwanna Pichaiyongvongdee 
  12) The Comparative Study of Capture Techniques for Taxonomic Study of Wrasses  
Suchai Worachananant*, Pasinee Worachananant, Vipoosit Manthachitra, Rodney William Carter 
  13) The Economic Value of Seagrass Ecosystem in Trang Province, Thailand  
Suhatai Praisankul* and Orapan Nabangchang-Srisawalak2 
  14) Estimating Age and Growth of the Mekong Tiger Perch, Datnioides undecimradiatus (Roberts and Kottelat, 1994) by Using Hard Sructures1  
Wachira Kwanghwang2 
          40 (2) : May - August 2016
  1) Acute Toxicity of Distillery Spent Wash on Nile Tilapia (oreochromis niloticus) Fingerlings  
Sunee Wongmaneeprateep, Kampon Thaiso, Siriporn Tola, and Phrueksa Lawongsa 
  2) Apparent Digestibility of Some Commercial Feeds for Snubnose Pompano,Trachinotus blochii  
Tran Thi Nang Thu, Tran Thi Thap Hieu, Nguyen Tuan Dat and Tran Quang Hung 
  3) Effect of Feeding Frequency on Growth, Survival, Water and Bottom Soil Qualities in Blue Swimming Crab (Portunus pelagicus) Pond Culture Systems  
Vutthichai Oniam, Wara Taparhudee and Sukkrit Nimitkul 
  4)  Estimasting Age and Growth of the Mekong Tiger Perch, Datnioides undecimradiatus (Roberts and Kottelat, 1994) by Using Hard Structures  
Wachira Kwanghwang 
  5)  Gene Expression Profiles in Giant Freshwater Prawn Macrobrachium rosenbergii Infected witd Macrobrachium rosenbergii Nodavirus (MrNV) by DD-PCR Technique  
Anan Chungjit, Suwit Wuthisuthimethavee, Supawadee Poompuang and Suriyan Tunkijjanukij 
  6) Production of Protein Hydrolysate from Yellowfin (Thunnus albacares) and Skipjack Tuna (Katsuwonous pelamis) Viscera  
Nichaphat Detkamhaeng, Wanchai Worawattanamateekul and Jirapa Hinsui 
  7) Seasonal Variation of Diplectanid Monogenneans in Cage Cultured Seabass form Bangpakong River, Thailand  
Patcharee Khrukhayan, Chalor Limsuwan and Niti Chuchird 
  8) Some Biological Aspects and Rearing of Ragged Sea Hare (Bursatella leachii de Blainville, 1817) in the Hatchery  
Wasana Arkronrat, Vutthichai Oniam, Nurul Najuatul Wahidah Binti Khalid and Norhasmariza Binti Mohamed 
          40 (1) : January - April 2016
  1) Effect of Formic Acid, β-Carotene and Vitamin E on Growth, Survival and Prevention to
Vibrio parahaemolyticus in Rearing of Pacific White Shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) 

Narupanat Yowaphui, Tirawat Rairat and Niti Chuchird 
  2) Effect of Microorganisms on Production and Cost-Benefit Analysis of Intensive Pacific White Shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) Culture  
Mongkhon Primphon, Niti Chuchird and Chalor Limsuwan 
  3) Feeding Selection on Mollusk by the Indochinese Molluscivorous Catfish (Helicophagus leptorhynchus Ng & Kottelat, 2000) in the Mun River, Thailand  
Chaiwut Grudpan1,2, Piyathap Avakul3 and Uthaiwan Kovitvadhi1 
  4)  Heavy Metal Contamination in Indochinese Molluscivorous Catfish (Helicophagus leptorhynchus Ng & Kottelat, 2000) from Mun River Basin, Ubon Ratchathani Province  
Jarungjit Grudpan1,2 and Kantimanee Phanwichien Pradermwong1 
  5)  Water Quality Control in Tilapia Closed Culture System Using Filter Feeding Freshwater Clam (Pilsbryoconcha exilis compressa)  
Theeranuch Wedsuwan1, Wanna Musig2 and Yont Musig1 
          39 (3) : September - December 2015
  1)  Temporal Variation of Microzooplankton Community in Prasae Estuary, The Gulf of Thailand 
Pailin Jitchum and Teerapong Duangdee 
  2)  Correlation of Spawning Season and Maturational Parameters, Expression Levels of Vitellogenin Genes in Notopterus notopterus and Anematichthys armatus in Kwan Phayao, Thailand 
Dutrudi Panprommin , Santiwat Pithakpol, Siriluck Valunpion and Kanyanat Soontomprasit 
  3)  Effect of Salinity on Previtellogenic Development of Female Pacific White Shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei Boone, 1931) 
Ekachai Duangjai, Wanvipa Suthikrai , Narongsak Puanglarp, Prapansak Srisapoome I, Panida Unagul and Orapom Meunpo11 
  4)  Pilot Survey of Corallimorpharian (Cnidaria) Diversity in the Gulf of Thailand 
Bancha Nilkerd, Akarapong Swatdipong, Jintana Salaenoi1 and Suriyan Tunki.ijanukij 
  5)  Water Quality and Growth Performance of Hybrid Catfish (Clarias macrocephalus x C. gariepinus) Comparisons in Two Type of Water Recirculating System and a Water Exchange System 
Chumpol Srithong, Yont Musig, Nonthavit Areechon and Wara Taparhudee 
          39 (2) : May-August 2015
  1)  Effect ofDietary Polyphenol-Rich Feed Additive from Grape Pomace on Growth, Survival and Tolerance to Vibrio Infection in Pacific White Shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) 
Hataitip Niyamosatha, Niti Chuchird and Tirawat Rairat* 
  2)   Guidelines for Blue Swimming Crab (Portunuspelagicus Linnaeus, 1758) Stock Enhancement of a Fishery Community in Trang Province, Andaman Sea Coast of Thailand 
Rattanapom Anantasuk* and Thongchai Nitiratsuwan 
  3)  The Effects of Climate Variation on Fisheries and Coastal Aquaculture 
Urairathr Nedtharnn 
  4)  The Role of Genetics in Managing Declining Fisheries Resources 
Eric Hallerman 
             38 (3) : September-December 2014
  1)  Characterization of Refined Oils from Atlantic Salmon Belly as Affected by Degunmming 
Wanwimol Klaypradit, Wanchai Worawattanamateekul, Takunarat Taksima and Watinee Intharapongnuwat 
  2)  Effect of Dietary Organic Acids and Astaxanthin on Growth, Survival and Tolerance to Vibrio Infection in Pacific White Shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamai) 
Phitsanu Rorkwiree, Niti Chuchird and Wara Taparhudee 
  3)  Growth and Feeding Behaviour of Barbonymus gonionotus (Bleeker, 1850) and Hypsibarbus wetmorei (Smith, 1931) in Added-Substrate and No-Added-Substrate Cages 
Wirat Jiwyam 
  4)  Morphological and Genetic Variations in Rough Red Eye Crab, Eriphia smithii (MacLeay 1838) from Samaesarn Islands Thailand 
Ade Yamindago and Nongnud Tangkrock-olan 
             38 (2) : May-August 2014
  1)  Burrow Configuration and Utilization of the Blue-Spotted Mudskipper, Boleophthalmus boddarti Caught in Soc Trang, Vietnam 
Quang Minh Dinh, Nguyen Thi Tra Giang, Ngo Nha Lam Duy, Dang Hoang Dong and Lam Trung Hau 
  2)  Changes in Serum Concentration of Dopamine, 17B-Estradiol and Progesterone During Reproductive Cycle of Gunther's Walking Catfish (Clarias macrocephalus) 
Bundit Ratanasatian, Narongsak Puanglarp and Oraporn meunpol 
  3)  Increasing Population of Blue Swimming Crab (Portunnus pelagicus Linnaeus, 1758) Through Stock Enhancement: A Case Study in Boonkong Bay, Sikao District, Trang Province, Thailand 
Thongchai Nitiratsuwan, Kansinee Panwanitdumrong and Chansawang Ngampongsai 
  4)  Reproductive Biology of the Blue Swimming Crab, Portunus pelagicus (Linnaeus, 1758) in the Coastal Watera of Trang Province, Southern Thailand 
Apirak Songrak, Winai Bodhisuwan, Niracha Yoocharern, Wuttichai Udomwong and Thanitha Darbanandana 
             38 (1) : January-April 2014
  1)  Effect of Dietary Astaxanthin and Background Color on Pigmentation and Growth of Red Cherry Shrimp, Neocaridina heteropoda 
Nongnuch Laohavisuti and Useharee Ruangdej 
  2)  Efficient Clarification of the Hepatopancreatic Homogenate of Red Shrimp During the Recovery of Crude Alkaline Phosphataes 
Krishna Prasad Nooralabettu| 
  3)  Nutritional Value of Green Seaweeds Ulvarigida and Ulvaintestinalis 
Nopparat Mahae, Wanninee Chankaew and Vatcharee Seechamnanturakit 
  4)  The Use of Synthetic and Natural Carotenoid in Diet for Color Enhancement on Red Cherry Shrimp Neocaridina heteropoda 
Uscharee Ruangdej and Nongnuch Laohavisuti 
             37 (3) : September-December, 2013
  1)  Filter Feeding by Blood Cockle, Anadara granosa, for Water Quality Improvement in Close Culture System of Pacific White Shrimp (Litopenaeus vanamei) 
Somprasong Wittayanupakorn, Wanna Musig and Yont Musig 
  2)  Filter Feeding of Freshwater Mussel, Ensidens ingallsianusingallsianus, for Water Quality Control in Tilapia Closed Culture Syatem 
Wanna Musig, Suban Satienjit and Yont Musig 
  3)  The Effects of Probiotic, B-1, 3-glucan and Organic Acid on Pacific white shrimp's (Litopenaeus vanamei) Immune System and Survival upon Challengewith Vibrio harveyi 
Pajaree Jueliang, Niti Chuchird and Chalor Limsuwan 
  4)  Species Assemblages of Fish Larvae and Juveniles during Flood Season at Bang Phra Reservoir, Chon Buri Province, THAILAND 
Parawadee Ausawamanasak, Charumas Meksumpun and Santi Poungcharean 
             37 (2) : May-August, 2013
  1)  Assimilation of particulate organic matter, particulate organic nitrogen, and particulate organic phosphorus from filtered green microalgae (Tetraselmis sp.) by green mussel (Perna viridis) 
Somsak Pattananantapan, Wanna Musig and Yont Musig 
  2)  Study on the Efficiency of Three Different Feeding Techniques in the Culture of Pacific White Shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) 
Tanthip Napaumpaiporn, Niti Chuchird and Wara Taparhudee 
  3)   ELight Traps Fishering in Sungai Sipai Flood Swamp of Indonesia: Recommendations for Future study 
Ahmadi and Ahmad Rizini 
  4)  Development of Crab Framing: The Complete Cycle of Blue Swimming Crab Culture Program (CBSC Program) in Thailand 
Vuttichai Oniam and Wasana Arkronrat 
             37 (1) : January-April, 2013
  1)  First Finding ogf High Infestation of Nemesis robusta on Gill Filaments of Alopias pelagicus from the Andaman Sea,Thailand 
Watchariya Purivirojkul, Phithak Chaidee and Thanitha Thapanand-Chaidee 
  2)  Removal of Total Particulate Matter, Paticulate Organic Matter, Particulate Nitrogen, Paticulate Phosphorus and Phytoplankton from Eutrophic Water by a Freshwater Bivalve Mollusk, Pilsbryoconcha exilis compressa 
Wanna Musig and Yont Musig 
  3)  Effect Sangrovit WS on Growth, Survival and Prevention of Vibrio harveyi in Rearing of Pacific White Shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) 
Tirawat Rairat, Niti Chuchird and Chalor Limsuwan 
  4)  Crab Bank Implementation: Case Study of the Blue Swimming Crab Bank in Prachuap Khiri Khan Province, Thailand 
Wasana Arkonrat, Vutthichai Oniam, Natcha Hengcharoen and Kamonthip Pradubtham 
             36 (3) : September-December, 2012
  1)  Catch Efficiency of Low-Powered Incandescent Light and LED Light Traps Fishing in Barito River of Imdonesia 
Ahmadi and Ahmad Rizani 
  2)  Characterization and Ontogenic Development of Digestive Enzymes in Blue-Spotted Grouper (Plectropomus leopardus Lecepide, 1802) Larvae 
Parinya Sutthinon, Wara Taparhudee, Karun Thongprajukaew, Uthaiwan Kovitvadhi and Kanokwan Sansuwan 
  3)  Effect of Hot-Water Extract from Sargassum sp. On Antibacterial Activity, Non-specific Immunity and TBARs Production on Asian Seabass (Lates calcarifer, Bloch) 
Monsuang Yangthong, Jumroensri Thawonsuwan, Nongporn Hutadilok-Towatana and Wutiporn Phromkunthong 
  4)  Seasonality of Gill Monogeneans in Red Hybrid Tilapia (Oreochromis sp.) Cage Culture Systems in Central Thailand 
Rungrawee Thongdon-A, Chalor Limsuwan and Niti Chuchird 
             36 (2) : May, 2012
  1)  A Study on the Effect of Bacillus spp. To Control the Pathogeniic Bacteria in Aquaculture 
Sanghamtira Nayak, Chalor Limsuwan, Niti Chuchird and Supranee Pungpang 
  2)  Effect of Activate DA on Growth, Survival and the Total Number of Bacteria and Vibrio spp. In Rearing of Pacific White Shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) 
Worrawut Walla, Watchariya Purivirojkul, Niti Chuchird and Chalor Limsuwan 
  3)  Filtration Rates of Tropical Freshwater Bivalve Mollusks: Pilsbryoconcha excilis compressa, Ensidens ingallsianus ingallsianus, Corbicula boudoni and Corbicula moreletiana 
Yont Musig, Wanna Musig and Suban Satienjit 
  4)  Growth-ration Relationship and Conversion Efficiency of Juvenile Hemibagrus nemurus 
Wirat Jiwyam 
             36 (1) : January, 2012
  1)  Acute Toxicity of Niclosamide on Creeper Shell (Cerithidea cingulata) and Pacific White Shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) Postlarvae 
Tanthip Napaumpaiporn, Chalor Limsuwan and Niti Chuchird 
  2)  Effect of Vibrio spp. in White Feces Infected Shrimp in Chantaburi, Thailand 
Montagan Somboon, Watchariya Purivirojkul, Chalor Limsuwan and Niti Chuchird 
  3)  Effect of estrogenic exposure on sex reversal and growth of common lowland frog (Rana rugulosa) 
Anuwat Uppanunchai, Kanjana Payooha, Praneet Ngamsnae, Rex A. Dunham and Thanathip Lamkom 
  4)  Growth Performance and Production Cost of Commercial Microalgae Culture under Laboratory Conditions with Different Aeration Settings 
Wasana Arkronrat and Vutthichai Oniam 
             35 (3) : September, 2011
  1)  Effect of Dissolved Oxygen Levels on Growth, Survival and Immune Response of of Juvenile Pacific White Shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei 
Thasanee Nonwachai, Watchariya Purivirojku, Niti Chuchird and Chalor Limsuwan 
  2)  Effect of Water and Soil Qualities on Phytoplankton Die-offs in Intensive Pacific White Shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) Cultured Ponds 
Jariyavadee Suriyaphan, Chalor Limsuwan, Niti Chuchird and Wara Taparhudee 
  Image removed.
  3)  Effect of Yeast Cell Debris on Growth, Survival and Disease Resistance of Pacific White Shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei 
Arisa Srimarksuk, Niti Chuchird, Chalor Limsuwan and Watchariya Purivirojkul 
  4)  Evaluation of the Effect of Sediment Resuspension on Water Quality and Cultured Shrimp 
Yont musig and Domrong Lohalaksnadech 
             35 (2) : May, 2011
  1)  Mortality Rate of Blue Swimming Crab (Portunus pelagicus) Caused by Cannibalism 
Vutthichai Oniam, Wara Taparhudee, Suriyan Tunkijjanukij and Yont Musig 
  2)  Use of Spirulina-enriched Blood Clam (Anadara granosa) instead of Sand Worm a Fresh-food Maturation Diet in Balck Tiger Shrimp (Penaeus monodon) Broodstock 
Pattama Wiriyapattanasub, Chalor Limsuwan, Chatcharee Kaewsuralikit, Niti Chuchird and Prayoon Hongrat 
  3)  Status of Integrated Agriculture-Aquaculture (IAA) Systems in Northeast Thailand: Nong Khai Province 
Wirat Jiwyam 
  4)  Cryopreservation of Bagrid Catfish Hemibagrus wyckioides Spermatozoa 
Wisanuporn Ratanatrivong, Wara Taparhudee, Ruangvit Yoonpundh and Prapansak Srisapoome 
             35 (1) : January, 2011
  1)  An Analysis of Thai Shrimp Farms' Compliance to the GLOBALG.A.P Standard 
Thitiwat Leepaisomboon, Rattanawan Mungkung, Niti Chuchird and Chalor Limsuwan 
  2)  Mangrove Vegetation Zones in Ranong Coastal Wetland Ecosystem, Thailand 
Puvadol Doydee and Inocencio E. Buot Jr 
  3)  Yellow head virus outbreaks in intensive freshwater culture of Pacific white shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) in Thailand and its experimental infection at different salinity levels 
Apiruedee Songsuk, Chalor Limsuwan, Niti Chuchird, Kesinee Laisuthisan, Temdoung Somsiri, Puttharat Baoprasertkul, Piyanuch Prompamorn, Kanittada Thongkao and Saengchan Senapin 
             34 (3) : September, 2010
  1)  Effect of Stocking Density and Fixed-feeding Level on Growth and Survival Rate of Pangasius bocourti Sauvage, 1880 Reared in Hapas, Suspended in Fertilized Ponds 
Wirat Jiwyam, Thongchai Chanpasri and Nisarat Tippayadara 
  2)  Effect and interactions of monosex culture and chelipe removal on growth performance of giant freshwater prawn Macrobrachium rosenbergii (De Man 1879), raised in cages 
Praneet Ngamsnae and Saman Jongthep 
  3)  Evaluation of teaseed cake as a piscicide for the culture of giant freshwater prawn, Macrobrachium rosenbergii 
Yont Musig 
  4)  Variability of ChlorophyII-a and SST at Regional Seas Level in Thai Waters using Satellite Data 
Puvadol Doydee, Sei-Ichi Saitoh and Keitaro Matsumoto 
             34 (2) : May, 2010
  1)  Cold Preservation of Chironomid Larvulae (Chironomus fuscipes Yamamoto, 1990): Nutritional Vlaue and Potential for Climbing Perch (Anabas testudineaus Bloch, 1792) Larval Nursing 
Nithas Thipkonglars, Wara Taparhudee, Methee Kaewnern and Khamchai Lawonyawut 
  2)  Effect of High Water Temperature on the Elimination of White Spot Syndrome Virus in Juveniles of Litopenaeus vannamei 
Sutee Wongmaneeprateep, Niti Chuchird, Puttharat Baoprasertkul, Piyanuch Prompamorn, Kanittada Thongkao and Chalor Limsuwan 
  3)  Fish Assemblage Patterns in Littoral Zone of Nam Oun Reservoir, Sakon Nakhon Province, Thailand 
Ruamruedee Panchan 
  4)  The Effect of Sodium Bicarbonate Concentrations on Growth and Biochemical Composition of Chaetoceros gracilis Schutt 
Pornpimol Pimolrat, Sataporn Direkbusarakom, Charurat Chinajariyawong and Sorawit Powtongsook 
             34 (1) : September, 2009
  1)  Gronadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) genes in fish 
Thanathip Lamkom 
  2)  Growth and Sexual Maturity of Blue Swimming Crab (Portunus pelagicus Linnaeus, 1758) Reared in Earthen Ponds 
Vutthichai Oniam, Umphon Buathee, Likhit Chuchit and Tepabut Wechakama 
  3)  How to Prevent High Feed Conversion Ratio in Shrimp Farming 
Chalor Limsuwan 
  4)  Status of Marine Fisheries Resouces in Mynmar Water: Esimates from Bottom Trawl Survey 
T. Thapanand-Chaidee, U. Myint Pe and I. Chanrachkij 
             33 (3) : January, 2010
  1)  Ecological Study of True Mangrove Structure along Andaman Coastline of Ranong, Thailand 
Monton Anongponyoskun and Puvadol Doydee 
  2)  Isolation and Characterization of Chitinase from Marine Bacteria 
Attawut Khantavong, Suriyan Tunkijjanukij, Sunan Patarajinda and Attaya Kangsuwan 
  3)  Laboratory Scale Evalution of a Treatment System for Effluents from Hybrid Catfish Ponds 
Dusit Aue-umneoy and Yont musig 
  4)  Small Scale Aquaculture: A Case Study on Giant Gouramy (Osphronemus gouramy) Culture in Uhai Thani Province, Thailand 
Satid Chatchaipun, Chidchanok Niyomthai, Somporn Isvilanonda and Uthairat Na-Nakorn 
             33 (2) : May, 2009
  1)  Replacement of fish oil and fish meal with Shizochytrium sp. Oil amd soybean meal in Pacific white shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) diets 
Thasanee Nonwachai, Watchareeya Purivirojkul, Niti Chuchird and Chalor Limsuwan 
  2)  Efficient Cryopreservation of Humpback Grouper, Cromileptes ailivelis (Valenciennes, 1828) Spermatozoa 
Nipon Sean-in, Renu Yahsiro, Suriyan Tunkijjanukij and Samorn Ponchunchoovong 
  3)  Genetic Diversity of the Vulnerable Pangasius sanitwongsei using Microsatellite DNA and 16S rRNA 
Uthairat Na-Nakorn, Srijanya Sukmanomon, Supawadee Poompuang, Panya Saelim, Nobuhiko Taniguchi and Masanishi Nakajima 
  4)  Ultrastructure of the microporidian Thelohania (Agmasoma) penaei in the Pacific white shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) 
Keisinee Laisutisan, Satit Prasertsri, Niti Chuchird and Chalor Limsuwan 
             33 (1) : January, 2009
  1)  Gut ontent Analysis of Pangasiid Catfish, Helicophagus waandersii Bleeker, 1858 from the Mekong River: a Preliminary Report 
Wirat Jiwyam and Nisarat Tippayadara 
  2)  Toxicity of Formalin, Calcium Hypochlorite and Copper Sulfate to Chaetoceros calcitrans 
Yont Musig, Jamaree Rakbanglaem and Arunee Rodloy 
  3)  Effect of DVAQUA on the Growth, Survival and Immune Charecteristics of Pacific White Shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) 
Chayaporn Tipsemongkul, Watchariya Purivirojkul, Niti Chuchird and Chalor Limsuwan 
  4)  Community Structure and Abundance of Epipelagic Copepods in a Shallow Protected Bay, Gulf of Thailand 
Pailin Jitchum and Ladda Wongrat 
             32 (3) : September, 2008
  1)  Quality and Charecteristics of Effluents from Hybrid Catfish Ponds 
Yont Musig and Dusit Aue-umneoy 
  2)  Growth, Survival Rate and Production Cost of Juvenile Milkfish (Chanos chanos, Forskal) Culture with Three Different Live Feeds 
Vutthichai Oniam, Tepabut Wechakama and Amnat Srisupavadee 
  3)  The Use of Selected Lactic Acid Bacteria Isolates for Acceleration of Fermented Fish (Pla-ra) Process 
Chalantorn Vichaslip, Mathana Sangjindavong and Pongtep Wilaipun 
  4)  Calculating the Feed Oxygen Demand (FOD) of Aquafeeds 
Claude E. Boyd 
             32 (2) : May, 2008
  1)  Contribution of mollusc culture to control eutrophication in the coastal bay: a case study of Bandon Bay, Surat Thani, Thailand 
M. Kaewnern, A. Yakupitiyage 
  2)  Distribution of Polypisthocotyleans in Some Marine Fish from the Gulf of Thailand, Chonburi Province 
Watchariya Purivirojkul 
  3)  Effect of Aquanin Plus (Beta-Cyclodextrin Cysteamine Hydrochloride) on the Growth, Survival and Immune Charecteristics of Pacific White Shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei ) 
Phanwalai Jantarapan, Watchariya Purivirojkul, Chalor Limsuwan and Niti Chuchird 
  4)  Microsatellite Variation among Domesticated Populations of Channel (Ictalurus punctatus ) and Blue Catfish (I.furcatus ) 
Thanathip Lamkorn, Huseyin Kucuktas, Zhanjiang Liu, Ping Li, Uthairat Na-Nakorn, Sirawut Klinbunga, Alison Hutson, Atra Chaimongkol, Joseph Ballenger, Gloria Umali and Rex A. Dunham 
             32 (1) : January, 2008
  1)  Effect of Salinty and pH on the Growth of Blue-Green Alage, Oscillatoria sp. And Microcystis sp., Isolate from Pacific White Shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei ) Ponds 
Somchai Wangwibulkit, Chalor Limsuwan and Niti Chuchird 
  2)  The Evolution on the Use of Formalin to Neutralize Ammonia in Freshwater and Saltwater and its Effect on Hybrid Catfish and Giant Tiger Prawn (Panaeus monodon Fabricius) 
Yont Musig and Supavadee Koydol 
  3)  Fecundity Relationship, Maturity Size and Spawning Season of Shark Catfish Helicophagus waandersii Bleeker, 1858 in the Mun River, Thailand 
Thanitha Thapanand-chaidee 
  4)  Changes of Andaman Sea Coastal Resources and Fishing Activities after Tsunami 2004 
Sangtien Ajjimangkul and Jantra Srisomwong 
  5)  Quality of Fish Ball From Surimi as Affected by Starch and Sterilizing Conditions 
Jiraporn Runglerdkriangkrai, Kriangsak Banlue and Ningnuch Raksakulthai 
             31 : June, 2007
  1)  Effect of Ionic Concentrations on Survival and Growth of Penaeus monodon Reared in Low-Salinity Waters 
Nitis Pattarakulchai, Chalor Limsuwan, Niti Chuchird and Wara Taparhudee 
  2)  A Study of the Efficiency of Ozone for the Removal of BOD5 and Organic Matter in Shrimp Pond Effluent 
Chanin Sangrungruang and Yont Musig 
  3)  A Comparison Study on Production and Plankton between Two Water Exchange Rate of Recirculating Shrimp Culture (Penaeus monodon ) System Using Low Salinity Water 
Tanyanan Kaweekityota, Wara Taparhudee, Chalor Limsuwan and Niti Chuchird 
  4)  Effect of Soacking in Water at Different Temperature and Time on Color of Cooked Pacific White Shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei ) Raised under Low and Normal Salinity Waters 
Dechanarth Thongphitak, Chalor Limsuwan, Niti Chuchird, Nongnuch Raksakulthai and Nantipa Pansawat 
             30 : December, 2006
  1)  Composition and Distribution of Zooplankton in the Pasak Jolasid Reservoir, Lop Buri Province 
Issarapon Jithlang and Ladda Wongrat 
  2)  A Comparative Study of Different Methods for Larval Selection on Survival Rate, Growth and Yield of Black Tiger Shrimp (Penaeus monodon Fabricius) 
Supakorn Pattanavivat, Chalor Limsuwan, Niti Chuchird and Nitis Pattarakulcha 
             29 : June, 2006
  1)   Study on the Larval Development of the Creeper Snail, Cerithium sp. Bruguiere 
Krissana Rattanarpa, Chalor Limsuwan and Niti Chuchird 
  2)  Study on the Species Composition and Abundance of Plankton, Water Quality and Stomach Contents of Pacific White Shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei Boone,1931) Reared in Low Salinity Conditions 
Pattamaporn Laokiatsophon, Chalor Limsuwan, Wara Teparhudee and Niti Chuchird 
  3)  Effect of Stocking Density on Survival Rate and Bacterial Compositions in the Larval Rearing of the Giant Freshwater Prawn (Macrobrachium rosenbergii) 
Supamas Sriwongpuk, Niti Chuchird, Chalor Limsuwan and Temdoung Somsiri